Dick is Irwin's human father. He is a middle-aged human-Dhampir, (his mother, Tanya, being a human and his father being the vampire, Dracula, who thinks that his son is a huge nerd), but he is never referred to as a vampire. Dick ends a lot of his sentences with the word "dude". He is married to a mummy named Judy, who is Irwin's mother and due to her being a mummy makes Irwin half-mummy and half-human. Irwin's father insists that their unusual pairing leaves "a lot of questions that don't need to be answered." Dick is also known for having a 1970s taste in style and sometimes gives Irwin really bad dating and attracting girls advice, although he does so out of good intentions. Once in a while he is seen scolding Irwin when he thinks Irwin did something disrespectfull or rude, but is more often seen doing something nice with Irwin like going to a baseball game or on a picnic.